Rethinking resveratrol: Veri-te Aqua launch expands Evolva’s market reach

July 2nd, 2020

By: Annicka Rain Schleicher, Nutrition Insight

2 Jul 2020 — Annicka Rain Schleicher sits down to interview Evolva’s Clare Panchoo, Global Vice President Health Ingredients, to discuss how resveratrol can positively support immune health, as well as all the latest innovations for the functional beverage market with the new Veri-te Aqua.

“Evolva’s health ingredients segment has seen a considerable increase in growth and demand for its resveratrol products. With over 13,000 published studies examining its effects, resveratrol is known as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Clare Panchoo, Global Vice President Health Ingredients, elaborates on resveratrol’s immunity-boosting properties, the company’s new resveratrol product launch and in which regional markets functional beverages are surging. She also shares how a new financial investment is set to strengthen Evolva’s position in the health ingredients sector.”

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