Beauty-from-within’s trending ingredients and innovative applications

June 10th, 2020

Industry experts hone in on current trends in the ingestible beauty space

By: Kristiana Lalou, Nutrition Insight

10 Jun 2020 — Growing consumer awareness on the ingestible beauty trend has led the nutrition industry to pay more attention to this budding segment. Beauty is not skin deep, but rather requires a holistic approach in combination with a healthy diet. NutritionInsight speaks to industry players active in the “beauty-from-within” space, who spotlight rising ingredients, such as resveratrol, carotenoids and collagen, as well as trending applications, such as powder mixes and liquid pouches.

Ingestible beauty is having a moment and several major players have realized the trend’s potential. This follows Innova Market Insights crowning “Eat Pretty” as one of its top ten trends of 2020. Moreover, according to a 2019 Innova Consumer Survey, one in three Chinese consumers increasingly opt for food and beverages that support physical appearance.

There is a growing interest in natural ingredients across the board, says Isabel Gómez, Global Marketing Manager, Nutraceutical Ingredients at Lubrizol Life Science. “With the current COVID-19 anxiety and the detrimental impact of stress and a lack of sleep on overall skin appearance, natural ingredients are rising in popularity. I would be sure to feature immune-support or stress-relief ingredients in beauty supplements especially since these also have beneficial effects on skin and hair health and appearance,” she highlights

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