Disrupted clinical trials to have knock-on effects on R&D, experts warn

May 1st, 2020

By: Elizabeth Green, Nutrition Insight

1 May 2020 — Consumers are increasingly wary of verifying the efficacy of products, meaning scientific backing has never been more critical. However, the rise of COVID-19 could throw a wrench in many companies’ plans for clinical trials as lockdowns and social distancing restrictions continue around the globe. NutritionInsight examines to what extent R&D may be affected and how long these impacts may last, as researchers push for trials to continue.

“Clinical trials drive development and branded ingredients that sponsor clinical trials are seen as a value-add. Furthermore, since new product developments are often based on clinical trials, most projects will probably not be able to commence until 2021 and beyond. This is a significant setback as we hoped to see R&D start in 2020 based on the results of these clinical studies,” David Tetzlaf, Director of Marketing at Evolva, tells NutritionInsight.

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