“Benefits of reduced human activity cannot be ignored”

April 22nd, 2020

By: Anni Schleicher, with additional reporting by Katherine Durrell, Nutrition Insight

Nutrition industry spotlights sustainability on Earth Day 2020


22 Apr 2020 — On the 50th Earth Day, the globe finds itself facing truly unprecedented challenges, with COVID-19 throwing consumers’ impact on the planet into sharp relief. However, the nutrition industry has produced various solutions to the climate conservation challenge from environmentally sustainable ingredient sourcing and saving resources to raising awareness. NutritionInsight speaks to key players in this space to find out how industry is answering the call to what may be the greatest challenge of our time.

“The worldwide crisis of COVID-19 is [spotlighting] consumers’ impact on the planet. Many media sources across the world are showcasing the short-term benefits of human activity reduction on our environment that cannot be ignored. This will certainly lead to an increasing interest in some shifts in practices that have already begun, such as local sourcing, purchasing and consumption considerations,” Nuria Macias, Global Sustainability Manager at Diana Food, tells NutritionInsight

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