Brain-boosting ingredients: Convenient delivery formats and naturality reign

July 15th, 2020

By: Kristiana Lalou, Nutrition Insight

15 Jul 2020 — The fast-paced lifestyles of modern consumers are driving demand for formulations that can support brain health, as well as improve cognition and mood. NutritionInsight sits down with industry experts who spotlight trending ingredients, stand-out products and the demand for natural solutions. Furthermore, diverse delivery formats to boost convenience are coming to the fore, with examples including sticks, powders and functional foods and beverages.

“In an increasingly competitive and stressful world, busy consumers have modern life demands that require a lot from both body and brain. However, not all consumers are looking for the same cognitive health benefits. At Kyowa, we seek to identify what consumers are looking for and match up the appropriate ingredients and benefits that fit each demographic,” notes Oksana Ritchie, Head of Marketing Europe at Kyowa Hakko Europe.


Gut-brain axis

Over at Evolva, the company focuses efforts on bringing science-based evidence to support the use of ingredients that contribute to human wellbeing by collaborating in clinical studies, including areas such as cognitive health and gut-brain axis.

In April 2020, the first peer-reviewed publication came out from the RESHAW (Resveratrol Supporting Healthy Aging in Women) study with Veri-te resveratrol. The results indicate that resveratrol could “potentially reverse cognitive aging by up to ten years” in post-menopausal women, according to Dr. Rachel Wong, research fellow at the University of Newcastle’s Clinical Nutrition Research Centre.

“The findings indicate there is a significant improvement in overall cognitive performance with resveratrol that is hypothesized to optimize executive function in healthy older adults and thought to delay subsequent impairment. Furthermore, the benefits on cognition are not short-lived and can be sustained with ongoing low-levels of supplementation for at least 12 months,” explains Marcia da Silva Pinto, Technical Sales & Customer Support Manager at Evolva.

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