News Release: Evolva’s Partners Earn Top NutraIngredients Honors

May 24th, 2019

May 24, 2019 – Evolva (SIX: EVE) is proud to announce that two Veri-te™ resveratrol partners are winners of the prestigious NutraIngredients Awards in two categories. Evolva customer, Nutrinovate AB, is the winner of the respected award for “Start-up of the Year” and Evolva technology collaborator, Pharmako Biotechnologies, is the winner of the “Editor’s Award for Innovation.”

Nutrinovate, the developer of award-winning Reserol novel oral film strip technology that boosts Veri-te™ resveratrol delivery to the body through the inside of the cheek, is now recognized as the “Start-up of the Year.” “This award is a clear result of the efforts from our dedicated group of researchers and developers who have teamed up to advance groundbreaking technology that combines the latest in science and technology,” said Magnus Nilsson-Val, CEO of Nutrinovate. “This win is also an indication that partnering with the right companies, like Evolva, can help create breakthrough innovations with the highest quality ingredients at a rapid pace.”

A second winner of the night went to Evolva technology partner, Pharmako Biotechnologies, recognized for their LipiSperse® technology that is incorporated into Evolva’s Veri-Sperse™ resveratrol. LipiSperse® technology is the winner of the special ”Editor’s Award for Functional Food Innovation”. “Pharmako has a strategy to align with key customers and partners. We aim to utilize each of our three technologies where possible with ingredient partners such as Evolva, who bring premium, quality materials to market. Like Evolva, we will also continue to invest in our science and research,” stated Eric Meppem, Co-founder and Commercial Director.

“Evolva is proud to collaborate with Pharmako Biotechnologies and bring this award winning LipiSperse® technology into the Veri-te™ resveratrol product line with our new Veri-Sperse™ resveratrol” said Sally Aaron, SVP, Health Ingredients and Marketing. “

“Alliances with Nutrinovate and Pharmako Biotechnologies are examples of the innovation and market success that can be developed when agile companies come together with common goals,” said Ms. Aaron. “We look forward to their continued market success and that of others like them.”

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About Veri-te™ resveratrol

Veri-teTM resveratrol offers customers a guarantee of quality together with strong scientific backing and versatility in application, which can both inspire and enable our customers to develop innovative and award-winning products.

About Evolva

Evolva solves the supply chain issues of nature through a 21st century mix of biotechnology and fermentation. We develop, make and sell ingredients that provide significant health, wellness and nutrition benefits to people in their daily life, but whose supply chain issues have limited their use until now. Our flagship ingredients are stevia, nootkatone and resveratrol. To make our world sustainable requires nature and technology to work together as one, and our aim is to play a (small) part in achieving this transformation. For more information see

About Nutrinovate

Nutrinovate AB is a Swedish company that develops, produces and sells innovative Fast Moving Health Products (FMHP). The company is the result of a group of researchers, entrepreneurs and creators coming together in a common quest – to break new ground in health by combining the latest in science and technology. The goal is to make the latest research available to consumers through innovative products. Our basic philosophy is to improve the health of individuals with a product range that achieves its effects via well-known and proven substances combined with an innovative delivery approach.

 About Pharmako Technologies

Pharmako Biotechnologies is an Australian company specialising in innovative, premium ingredients and excipients for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, functional food and cosmeceutical industries. Pharmako Biotechnologies formulate and manufacture specialized delivery systems for lipophilic actives, customizing formulations for clients’ requirements. In 2018 they were awarded the Quality Raw Material Supplier of the Year in the Complementary Medicines Australia Annual Awards. Pharmako focuses on clinically proven ingredients, combined with technologically advanced delivery systems.

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Director Marketing

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