Evolva Showcases Innovative Veri-te™ Resveratrol Formulations at Vitafoods Europe 2018

May 2nd, 2018


Geneva, Switzerland – (May 02, 2018) Advances in the understanding of healthy aging are increasingly driving consumer demand for products enhanced with science-backed ingredients like resveratrol. Until now, options for adding resveratrol to functional-beverage products were limited. At Vitafoods Europe 2018, Evolva will feature a cold water dispersible ingredient system designed for optimal beverage formulation with its innovative Veri-te resveratrol CWD 90.

Formulating with resveratrol

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that can potentially enhance healthy aging through its anti-inflammatory effects. In nature, resveratrol helps protect certain plants from environmental stress and disease. Resveratrol is increasingly being used in functional foods, supplement capsules and tablets. But it is not water-soluble, which presents challenges for use in beverages.

“We’re focused on delivering innovative, premium resveratrol formats to meet our customers’ needs. 

Consumers are seeking functional beverages to enhance a healthy lifestyle. This new technology helps to unlock the application potential of resveratrol in beverages,” said Evolva Senior Vice President of Health Ingredients and Marketing Sally Aaron.

Evolva’s Veri-te resveratrol CWD 90 was developed using LipiSperse technology in partnership with Pharmako Biotechnologies.

A science-backed ingredient

With over 200 clinical trials published supporting the health benefits of resveratrol, there is evidence that resveratrol can potentially reduce oxidative stress, preventing inflammation. According to Emma Wightman, PhD of the University of Northumbria (UK): “Resveratrol was formerly popularized for its cardiovascular benefits, but the latest science shows that resveratrol may provide additional protective health benefits throughout the body. One of these may be to boost our brain power as we age.”

Wightman’s polyphenol research group is currently investigating the effects of resveratrol on cognition. She will explore the link between resveratrol on improved cognition and mood, along with the role of the gut microbiota on the effects of resveratrol during a scientific education session at Vitafoods on Tuesday, May 15th.

Pure and consistent quality, new delivery formats

Evolva is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality resveratrol ingredients. Veri-te resveratrol is produced using a unique fermentation process that yields premium resveratrol at the highest purity (>98% purity) with consistent quality. With new delivery formats like the Veri-te resveratrol CWD 90, Veri-te resveratrol can be used in a wide range of consumer products that includes: health and wellness supplements, beverages, on-the-go beverage powders, cosmetics, and skin care products. Also featured at Vitafoods, the Veri-te resveratrol melt-in-the-mouth lemon powder sticks and bite-sized Veri-te resveratrol chocolate supplements further demonstrate the versatility of this premium ingredient.

“We continue to see new product launches highlighting resveratrol as a ‘buzzworthy’ antiaging ingredient. With new product formulation capabilities making daily use of resveratrol even more convenient, we expect product development with premium resveratrol will continue to expand,” said Evolva Commercial Director, EMEA Clare Panchoo. “Our continued investment in resveratrol innovation and research allows Evolva to be the supplier-partner at the forefront of next-generation resveratrol product formulation.”

For more information, visit www.veriteresveratrol.com.


About Evolva
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