VitaFoods Insights Podcast: Resveratrol and Women’s Health

January 23rd, 2018


In December our Technical Director, Ernesto Simon, and our Sales Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Clare Panchoo, recorded a podcast for VitaFoods Insights on Resveratrol for Women’s Health. The podcast can now be found on the VitaFoods Insights website.


The conversation with VitaFoods’ Jade Mitchell-Ross covers the scientific research published on resveratrol and it’s positive effects on women’s health, as well as looking at the market need for dietary supplements that can help women’s health, especially postmenopausal women. Some of the topics covered are:


  • hormones
  • mood
  • blood flow
  • cognitive function (cerebral blood flow, memory)
  • bone health
  • skin health
  • sarcopenia
  • cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose control
  • sexual function
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