Veri-te™ resveratrol and Beauty From Within

November 8th, 2017

Here at Evolva we are seeing an increasing number of customers in the Beauty-From-Within space looking to develop products with our Veri-te™ resveratrol.

The clinical data behind resveratrol is significant and compelling. Studies indicate that it is not only resveratrol’s powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that have an effect on skin youthfulness, but also the action resveratrol has on mitochondria at a cellular level all help rejuvenate skin. Results of the clinical trials suggest resveratrol can:

  • decrease wrinkles
  • reduce pigmentation
  • protect against oxidative stress
  • increase skin moisture levels and skin elasticity

One of the most exciting products in this space is our customer, Nutrinovate, an innovative Swedish company who have a patented resveratrol oral film strip product range, Reserol ( They launched their range last year and have seen very healthy sales.

We’re also seeing new customers with best-seller skin care ranges now developing a resveratrol dietary supplement product to meet this beauty inside and out trend.

We are seeing some regional trends in the action of cosmetic products as well as beauty foods/supplements with resveratrol. The Asian market is more focused on skin whitening and in Europe there is a greater concern for fighting other signs of aging such as wrinkles.

The main challenges in delivery forms for resveratrol are ensuring that the source of resveratrol is reliable and consistent, in terms of purity but also odor and color. From a regulatory perspective, in Europe especially, we are seeing authorities set stricter regulations on contaminants such as PAH’s (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). This means manufacturers and brand owners need to consider the supplier they use carefully.  Veri-te™ resveratrol has a very high purity, is safe (contaminant-free) and consistent and has a versatile off-white color and odorless properties. It can be formulated easily into cosmetic and personal care serums and creams, liquid shots, capsules, soft gums, film strips and even chocolate.

There is definitely a trend for companies developing new skin care products at the same time as a beauty supplement and these are designed to work together to maximize the effects.

We were happy to be featured in a recent Special Report published by Nutrition Insight. To read the report please click the links below:

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If you are interested in developing a new supplement in this Beauty From Within space we’d love to hear from you. Please email one of our team:

Clare Panchoo (EMEA)

Gene Adamski (US)

Luc Gruner (Japan)

Angela Tsetsis (Global market/ ROW)

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