Evolva’s Veri-te™ resveratrol chosen for a new Swiss product range

September 29th, 2017

28 September 2017 – Evolva are pleased to announce that new Swiss start-up health company, zeender-health, have chosen to formulate their new resveratrol product range with Veri-te™ resveratrol.

zeender-health was founded earlier this year to offer anti-aging dietary supplements in new and unique dosage forms. The founder, Eric Zeender, is a qualified Sports Scientist with a Masters degree in Sport Science from the University of Basel, and has more than 25 years of experience as a sports teacher in a wide range of age groups from young to old.


zeender-health have developed and launched two products so far, a resveratrol chewing gum and a resveratrol powder stick. These application formats were chosen to promote absorption via the oral mucosa aiding the active substance to be absorbed more quickly. The products are sold via their online shop and it is planned in future to sell them in gyms throughout Switzerland.

“I choose to formulate my products with Veri-te™ resveratrol because of it’s quality and purity first and foremost,” zeender-health founder, Eric Zeender, said, “but of course, I also liked that Evolva is a Swiss company”.

 “Evolva is excited to be working with this interesting start-up company and is very pleased that Veri-te was chosen as the source of resveratrol for these products” Evolva SVP of Health & Wellness Angela Tsetsis said.

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in several types of plants, including red grapes, blueberries, and nuts. Resveratrol plays a defense mechanism role to help protect against environmental stressors. Scientific evidence suggests that it can also help promote healthy ageing in humans and animals. Resveratrol is drawing a lot of attention in the scientific community with over 1100 studies published in 2016 alone; the total number of publications on resveratrol now exceeds 9000, making it one of the fastest growing bodies of evidence for a health and wellness ingredient. This published research and clinical data suggests that resveratrol can aide in healthy ageing through maintaining bone health, cardiovascular health, blood glucose control, healthy cognitive function, skin youthfulness and oral health.